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On Set Prep is here for those looking to break in to film industry. The course is for anyone interested in working in film. No experience required. No degree required. This course is going to cover the essentials that will help you on your journey to working on set and hopefully making your own films one day.
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  • Private Facebook Group

    The private group is to spur connection, collaboration, and inspiration for all members. This is also your direct line to your instructor and fellow on set community.

  • Training University

    Six planned lessons that are going to teach you everything from how to speak the lingo to landing your first gig. This actionable content can be implemented just hours in.

Meet your Instructor

I've been making commercials and films for the past decade and I'm excited to pass on what I've learned on set over the years.

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I've had the pleasure of working for these well known companies and I'd love for you to be on set with me in the future.

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